Sunday, November 3, 2013


Ideas to have a look at:

use MQTT
init script on Linino
use xmpp?

TODO list:

procmail: better handling of mail that is not directed to the right address (if any)
procmail: handle >1 arrival of mail  (maybe already ok)
xml parsing in python: look into SAX
in general: 'error handling'
check if both sides + bridge are alive: if not reset
linino checks if mcu is still ok: if not reset-mcu
minimize #writes, also on SD card (fetchmail, procmail,  log/lock)
look deeper into DallasTempRead:
- avoid eeprom writes, etc...
using dtostrf to convert float to string. Still wondering about exact buffer size needed. For now on safe side.
use watchdog
use google feed to detect if new mail has arrived (instead of checkign every 5 min or so)

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