Friday, November 1, 2013

Getting the arduino Yun ready to receive and read google mails - part2

I noticed that the first 'return message' that I got from fetchmail is:

gethostbyname failed for Arduino
Name or service not knownCannot find my own host in hosts database to qualify it!
Trying to continue with unqualified hostname.
DO NOT report broken Received: headers, HELO/EHLO lines or similar problems!
DO repair your /etc/hosts, DNS, NIS or LDAP instead.

Arduino is the hostname of my Arduino Yun (it is the name you can choose on the Arduino's web-interface). For now I got this message to disappear by changing the content of /etc/hosts from localhost

to localhost Arduino
fetchmail also suggested to add sslcertck to the setup (I think this is more strict). So I did add this to the .fetchmailrc file.

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