Sunday, October 20, 2013

First ideas regarding Yun-Internet communication

Challenge: observe and control the setup over internet.

I want to be able to follow the fermentation (temperature, CO2 production, etc...) online. But I also want to be able to control or setup the device remotely.
I do not have a lot of expertise with this, so I will start with something very simple.

My first idea was to run a webserver or so on the Yun and store everything on the SD-card.
But I have no idea how I can do this, especially how to give (safe) internet access of the Yun through my (home) router/firewall, and how to manage my non-static IP-address.
So I will start with something more simple.
I have solar-panels on my house with a Solarlog. This box regularly uploads (via ftp) production numbers to my site. Using any browser (and some Java I believe) you can get graphics about the production.
Something similar is good enough for now.

The reverse (controlling the Yun) looks more difficult. I saw the Yun should be able to read emails. This seems like a good start: to control the Yun you just sent it an email with some configuration file (probably XML). This will allow me to start by just manually sending emails. Later I can easily make a windows or android GUI to create and send the emails more human friendly.

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